Journalism and Media studies

There is a dire demand in the field of professionals in journalism and mass media studies due to the sudden explosion of communication technology and media across the globe. Many social platforms are being added to the information palette along with the existing ones like newspapers, magazines and the audio-visual media and professionals are needed in all these platforms.

Diploma level

  • Requirements: K.C.S.E C- Minus & above
  • Duration: 8 Terms
    • Diploma in Journalism (KNEC)
    • Diploma in Journalism and mass media studies (ICM)

Certificate Level

  • Requirements: K.C.S.E D Plain & above
  • Duration: 4 Terms
  1. Certificate in Journalism (ICM)

Short Courses- Open

  1. Radio & TV production ( 4 Terms)
  2. Video Editing & Production (4 Months)
  3. Photography (4 Months)
  4. Audio Production (4 Months)
  5. Graphic Design (4 Months)
  6. Motion Graphics (4 Months)

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