Electrical and electronics engineering

Almost every sector of the economy depends on engineering like in the modern life,there is increased need of engineers to provide professional services in these sectors. Come learn with experts who have been in the industry for long. To apply online fill this form

Diploma level

  • Requirements: K.C.S.E C- Minus & above
  • Duration: 8 Terms
    • Diploma in Electrical and Electronics engineering

Certificate Level

  • Requirements: K.C.S.E D Plain & above
  • Duration: 4 Terms
    • Certificate in Electrical and Electronics engineering
    • Certificate in Plumbing

Artisan Certificate – K.C.S.E D- (4 Terms)

  1. Artisan Certificate in Electrical Installation

Higher National Diploma level

  • Requirements:  Diploma certificate
  • Duration: 4 Terms
    1. Electrical and Electronics engineering

Short Course- Open

NITA (3Terms)

Grade III, II,and I

Course Requirements

  1. Navy blue dust coat
  2. Black workshop boots
  3. Scientific calculator
  4. Screw driver (flat & star)
  5. Digital multi-meter
  6. A-3 Drawing book
  7. Ring spanner,combined spanner or fixed(1 set)
  8. T-Square
  9. Pliers
  10. Set- Squared & HB Pencils

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