Computer studies and ICT

Computer science and ICT studies is a dynamic and rapidly growing area that has become an integral part of the world that we live in today. This course provides you with a deep understanding of emerging technologies. This knowledge and experience allows you to develop cutting-edge solutions that address today’s challenges. To apply online fill this form.

Diploma level in computer science

  • Requirements: K.C.S.E C- Minus & above
  • Duration: 8 Terms
  • Diploma in Information Communication Technology(KNEC)
  • Diploma in Information Technology JP- UK,D+ and above)

Certificate Level

  • Requirements: K.C.S.E D Plain & above
  • Duration: 4 Terms
  • Certificate Information Communication Technology(KNEC)
  • Certificate in Information Technology(JP- UK)
  • Artisan Certificate in ICT

Short Course- Open

  • International Computer Driving License (ICDL- Africa)- (1 Term)
  • Computer Aided Design (AutoCAD & ArchiCAD) (1 Term)
  • Computer packages (1 Term)
  • Graphics design (Photoshop, illustrator, CorelDRAW, Publisher, InDesign) (2 Term)
  • Web Design and Development (Html, Joomla, MYSQL, java script, Dreamweaver, Flash) (1 Term)
  • Computer Programming Languages (Java, C++, Visual basic) (1 Term)
  • Financial Accounting Applications – (Quick Books, Sage, Tally and Pastel) (1 Term)
  • Statistical Packages (SPSS, Stata and SAS) (1 Term)
  • Computer repair and maintenance studies (1 Term)