Diploma and Certificate Business studies

School of business studies is made of many courses. It is among the most popular fields of study worldwide. Business graduates are always in high demand after school worldwide, because business studies touches on pretty much every aspect of modern human society. Below are the diploma and certificate of most marketable business courses in Kenya which we offer.

Diploma level

  1. Requirements: K.C.S.E C- Minus & above
  2. Duration: 8 Terms
  3. Diploma in Business Management
  4. Diploma in Sales and Marketing
  5. Diploma in Human Resource Management
  6. Diploma in Secretarial Studies
  7. Diploma in Banking and Finance
  8. Diploma in Supply Chain Management
  9. Diploma in Accounting and Finance (ICM)

Certificate Level

  1. Requirements: K.C.S.E D Plain & above
  2. Duration: 4 Terms
  3. Certificate in Business Management
  4. Certificate in Human Resource Management
  5. Certificate in Sales and Marketing
  6. Certificate in Secretarial Studies
  7. Certificate in Banking and Finance
  8. Certificate in Supply Chain Management
  9. Certificate in Accounting and Finance (ICM)
  10. Certificate in Front office Operations


  1. Certified Public Accountant C.P.A (1-6)
  2. Accounting Technicians Diploma A.T.D (1-3)