Fashion and Interior design

Courses in fashion and interior design provides you with numerous opportunities and allows you to release your creativity and passion for fashion in a variety of outlets. Whether you are designing dresses or editing a fashion spread for the next season’s latest trends, a career in fashion can be an exciting, glamorous job. We are the best college offering fashion and interior design course in Kenya. Requirements and qualifications for both interior and fashion design courses are indicated below. To apply online fill this form

Diploma level

  • Requirements: K.C.S.E C- Minus & above
  • Duration: 7 Terms

Certificate Level

  • Requirements: K.C.S.E D Plain & above
  • Duration: 3 Terms
  • Certificate in Interior Design
  • Certificate in Garment making
  • Certificate in Dress making
  • Certificate in Fashion Design and Cloth Technology

Short Courses- Open

  1. Curtain Making (1 Term)
  2. Pattern Drafting 1 Term)
  3. Fabric printing & Tie & Die (1 Month)
  4. Basic Sewing Skills 1 Month)


  1. Tape measure
  2. Tracing wheel
  3. Tailor pins
  4. Seam ripper
  5. Needle Clamp
  6. Bobbin & Bobbin case
  7. Hand needle assorted
  8. Embroidery thread
  9. Machine needles (No.16 flat)
  10. Tailor chalk
  11. Thimble
  12. Paper scissors
  13. Fabric scissors
  14. Foam Sheet
  15. Dressmaker’s pins
  16. Jinja Fabric 3 metres
  17. Dacron 1Metre any color
  18. Threads to match fabric