Starwan Message from Management

Starwan Technical Institute is among the top technical colleges in Kenya. Our aim is to brighten the future of our students—with intimate classes and incredible personal attention. Our students live with purpose by embracing strong sense of service, an emphasis on ethics and values in a rapidly changing world.

Starwan Technical Institute education is powered by absolute commitment to learning both theoretically and experiencing what is happening in the field. We offer valuable internships to all our students before graduating. We attach them to the most reputable organizations in their areas of study. Our Lecturers have made their names and reputations in the real world.
In our college we ensure that your life have as much adventure as challenge, as much play as work, as many new friends as new experiences. We take our students to various academic tours in to have hand-on learning in the areas of their study. See some of our activities here.
We strives to help our students obtain their education at affordable rates. Starwan Technical also offer aid in the form of scholarships, grants, loans and campus employment to  students with outstanding academic promise or significant financial need. You can apply online by filling this college admission form