Hair dressing and beauty therapy

The demand for cosmetologists is rising every day. The rise is attributed to increasing population which leads to higher demand for beauticians and hairdresser services. The art of cosmetology and beauty culture dates back to the early age where haircutting and styling were practised and implements were shaped from sharpened flints, oyster shells, or bone. It is also said that the early modern humans decorated themselves with natural pigments found in plants and fruits. Currently, beauty trends have taken over the minds of people.

Cosmetology is the study and application of beauty treatment. Beauty treatment can be applied to any part of the human body, whether it be their face or even the toenail. Thus, there are various branches in which a cosmetologist can specialize such as aromatherapy, nail art and tattoos, hair styling, hair removal, skin care, cosmetics and even herbal beauty care.

Being a cosmetologist can be a very fun and rewarding career. A cosmetologist is required in many pharmaceutical companies, salons and particularly those dealing in Beauty and Wellness.

Diploma level

  • Requirements: K.C.S.E D Plain & above
  • Duration: 5 Terms
  • Diploma in Cosmetology
  • Diploma in Hairdressing
  • Diploma in Beauty Therapy

Certificate Level

  • Requirements: K.C.P.E/K.C.S.E
  • Duration: 3 Terms
  • Certificate in Hairdressing
  • Certificate in Beauty Therapy

Short courses – Open

  1. Training of Trainer (TOT) (2 Terms)
  2. Barbering (1 Term)
  3. Advance Beauty (1 Term) •Weaving & braiding (1 Term)
  4. Facial Therapy & Skin Care (1 Term)
  5. Massage Therapy (1 Term)
  6. Manicure & Pedicure, Gel polish & Nail Technology (2 Months)
  7. Eyebrow Shaping, Waxing & Ear piercing (2 Months)
  8. Saloon Management (2 Months)
  9. Spa Treatment (1 Month)
  10. Dreadlocks  (1 Month)
  11. Thermal Styling (1 Month)
  12. Natural Hair Care (2 weeks)
  13. Hair Products (2 weeks)